ALBANY,Ore. -- When you meet 16-year-old Lexi Olivos-Stansberry, she'll try to make you smile and laugh.

But a few weeks ago, a heartless thief did something that made Lexi cry.

I'm just kind of sad and mad about it. Someone stole my bike, said Lexi.

The crook cut the lock off Lexi's special tricycle and stole it from underneath her apartment staircase in Albany.

Lexi's mom, Jaime Olivos-Stansberry, said Lexi has Down Syndrome and can't balance on a two-wheel bike.

She's upset about it, said Olivos-Stansberry. She doesn't really understand it, she just knows that she doesn't have her bike.

Lexi's mom filed a police report including the trike's serial number and the local paper wrote a story on the theft. Then around noon on Wednesday, police got a call from someone saying they believed they'd found Lexi's trike.

The person said he had purchased the trike, explained Albany Police Lieutenant, Brad Liles. He saw the article in the paper and said he thought the trike he'd bought was the one stolen from Lexi.

Police compared the trike's serial number with the one filed by Lexi's mom. The numbers matched and police delivered the trike to Lexi's front door.

This is my bike. I missed it, I love it! Exclaimed Lexi, upon the trike's surprise return. Thank you!

It's tough to hold back the tears because you're really happy, said Lt. Liles, watching Lexi ride around the parking lot. That's something that meant the world to her.

Police were still investigating who sold the trike. Whoever stole it could face second degree theft charges.

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