FOREST GROVE, Ore. -- A man who suffered from the norovirus outbreak that sickened 15 other people on March 15 did not die because of the virus, the Oregon Medical Examiner said Friday.

As first reported in the Oregonian, 43-year-old Kevin Weeks died Tuesday. Weeks, of McMinnville, was among 40 people who attended an Oregon Forests Advisory Committee meeting in Forest Grove.

Days after the meeting, Weeks and 15 other people who ate fruit salad at the meeting became sick with severe gastrointestinal issues, including vomiting and diarrhea, according to Tri-County Deputy Health officer Dr. Paul Lewis. Washington County officials Friday confirmed it was a norovirus outbreak.

After a Thursday autopsy State Medical Examiner Dr. Cliff Nelson said that the virus was not a possible contributing factor in Weeks' death. His exposure to the virus was coincidental. Additional details were only released to Weeks' family.

The meeting of the State Forests Advisory Committee took place in the Forest Grove Community Auditorium. Breakfast and lunch were catered.

Weeks was a spokesman for the forestry department.

His office is grieving the loss of a talented and well-loved colleague, Weeks' supervisor Dan Postrel told KGW. He was energetic, willing to go the extra mile, a hard worker and well-liked. He will be missed.

Postrel, the program director for Oregon Forestry Agency Affairs, said Weeks worked out of the Salem office and did not have any underlying health issues that his co-workers knew about. He took a sick day on Monday.

Yamhill County Medical Examiner Bill Koenig said paramedics were called to Weeks' house early Tuesday. They transported him to a local hospital where doctors tried unsuccessfully to revive him.

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