PORTLAND A $2 million lawsuit against Oregon Health & Science University claims a teenage boy was burned and traumatized during an MRI scan more than a year ago.

It was late at night at Doernbecher Children's Hospital when Aaron Lee remembered getting burned during the MRI.

It s like a picture book. A picture book of me looking down at myself, seeing myself in pain, seeing myself crying and just screaming, Lee told KGW.

He now lives in New York, but at 15, he'd been admitted to the OHSU facility for stomach pain. He'd undergone several tests, including an EKG.

The half dozen EKG patches, containing metal discs, weren't removed before the MRI. It caused the burns, leaving marks Aaron's mother said are still visible today.

(It) makes me feel real horrible. My child never should have gone through that he was in a children s hospital, said Shannon Lee, Aaron s mother.

Her lawsuit on behalf of her son claims the experience caused emotional scars, that Aaron has been diagnosed with depression and PTSD, and that he suffers flashbacks and nightmares.

Aaron said his cries for help during the MRI didn't make it stop.

Like every time I moved around, this guy came in and started yelling at me to stay still and be quiet and it was a horrible experience for me, he said.

The lawsuit seeks $2 million but the Lees said OHSU should start with an apology.

That s all it takes is I m sorry. This should never have happened, Shannon said.

I just want someone to care and not just treat me like a patient but a human being, Aaron said.

OHSU released a statement that says, We cannot address the specifics of this case because privacy laws do not allow us to comment. However, we can say that patient safety is our top priority at OHSU.

The Lees think otherwise, and will travel back from New York when necessary for court proceedings in Multnomah County.

KGW reporter Tim Gordon contributed to this report.

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