PORTLAND - Kids at Parkrose Middle School made a commercial with Trail Blazers superstar Damian Lillard that has begun appearing on television nationwide.

The commercial is part of an anti-bullying campaign.

Lillard said he saw bullying first-hand growing up and now that he's got the attention of fans, he wants to be part of the solution.

Students wore matching T-shirts with the word Respect on the front and the number 0 on the back in honor of their special guest when the point guard visited their school earlier this month.

Students erupted in cheers as Lillard entered the school cafeteria.

The biggest thing for (kids) to see is that even if someone looks fine and happy on the outside, when it comes to bullying it hurts them, said Lillard.

Lillard is the Blazers' ambassador for the team's new anti-bullying campaign urging people to respect each other and pass it on. His message resonated with students, like seventh grader, Jamen Crittenden.

I hope a lot of people learn their lesson and treat other people how they want to be treated, said Crittenden.

It's a message they've heard from others, like teachers and other adults. But coming from Lillard?

A lot of people want to be like him, so they'll probably try not to bully, observed seventh grader, Pualani Walter.

He's taking time out of own day when he could be doing anything else and I appreciate that, added eighth grader Rahda Kannan.

Lillard said he appreciated the opportunity to speak with the students.

There could have been a bully here today, there could have been someone here who s been bullied, said Lillard. So when I see how they ve reacted to me today, it s positive.

The special commercial urges everyone to take a stand against bullying.

(KGWreporter Katherine Cook contributed to this report.)

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