PORTLAND The City of Portland took comments over a proposed law mandating sick leave for employees of private businesses, but a vote scheduled for Thursday was moved to next week.

City Commissioner Amanda Fritz made the proposal that would allow all workers within city limits to earn up to 40 hours a year of sick time.

The sick time would accrue at one hour for every 30 hours worked. Businesses with fewer than six employees would not have to pay the time off, but businesses with six or more employees would have to pay for the sick days earned.

A large group of United Food and Commercial Workers union members were at the hearing, and were in favor of the ordinance.

I feel pretty good that Portland is going to set a better sick day ordinance than Seattle or San Francisco, said UFCW Secretary-Treasurer Jeff Anderson. I think it will be much more broader and inclusive.

Some business owners that would have to pay for the new benefit said it could negatively affect costs.

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