PORTLAND -- A Southeast Portland couple has been accused of abusing a young boy over several months and covering his injuries with makeup.

Authorities said Blake Lee Johnson, 24, and Richell Mari Overton, 23, yanked and dropped Johnson's young son, resulting in a number of injuries.

The couple would monitor each other to make sure they never went too far with the 3-year-old, according to court documents. They were also accused of trying to hide the boy's injuries with concealer.

They were arrested February 22.

The allegations in this case are incredibly horrific really, said Sgt. Pete Simpson of the Portland Police Bureau. You hear about these cases and it breaks your heart to know these children have suffered awful things at the hands of people who should love them.

Detectives Wednesday said Overton was nine months pregnant. She and Johnson were due in court March 5.

Very sad that those things go on, said neighbor Christina Barnes. Ithink the parents should be punished severely.

Overton was charged with first and third-degree assault, first-degree mistreatment and conspiracy to commit mistreatment. Johnson was charged with third-degree assault and two counts of first-degree mistreatment.

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