PORTLAND - Commissioners plan to ask voters in Clackamas County if they want a toll on the I-205 freeway.

Federal officials say the Glenn-Jackson Bridge can't be tolled -- but county commissioners are worried that if there are tolls on a new Interstate 5 bridge, it will push drivers into Clackamas County, increasing traffic by up to 18 percent.

Commissioners think it may help discourage drivers from using I-205 instead of I-5.

If the new I-5 bridge gets a toll, and I-205 in Clackamas County doesn't, traffic will be so bad, you can add one additional car for every five cars on road right now, said Chair, John Ludlow.

Oh, no way. People would be so upset and it'll push traffic back and forth and it would be nasty, said commuter Aimee Lahey. I don't think it'll be a good idea at all. The public's going to throw a fit about it and there's a lot of traffic coming back and forth over.

I don't want to have a toll at all. I just think it's going to cause more traffic and more issues, said commuter Tristan Crose. I go to work on 205, so it's busy and then I have family in Vancouver, so when I go over there, it's busy there, too.

Voters would get their say on a May special election ballot.

KGWReporterErica Heartquist contributed to this report

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