BEAVERTON, Ore. A stranger opened his wallet to help a family who needed a break Wednesday, or in this case, actually two brakes.

Chassidi Papas said she knew her brakes were going bad, so she went to a Beaverton mechanic s shop to get them checked.

Turns out, the problem was even worse than she thought.

The brake pads and the rotor all needed to be replaced. She was told it would cost $200 and she did not have that much money.

But Papas said she desperately needed to get the brakes repaired so she could safely transport her four kids around.

That s when the man standing behind her in line spoke up. Mario Siguenza didn t know Papas but he wanted to help.

I offered to pay for it. At first she refused, I called her bluff and I insisted, Siguenza said.

I m trying to hold back tears right now. It touched my heart, Papas said.

It had even the techs tearing up, added Brake Team manager Al Slatosch.

Even though Siguenza downplayed his good deed, Papas called it a gift from God.

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