PORTLAND The Portland Trail Blazers tell a sports reporter they are looking into whether or not J.J. Hickson violated any NBA social media rules regarding tweets sent around Valentine s Day.

Hickson apologized for his Valentine's Day tweets about when to cut off contact with a woman. The Trail Blazers' big man took to the social media site last week to post a series of tweets with the hashtag #girlbye that he meant to be funny one-liners.

But some of the stream drew criticism for being demeaning toward women. He also included a shout-out to strippers. Hickson apologized to those he offended, but insisted the whole thing was a joke.

A spokesman for the Blazers said Wednesday that Hickson's tweets were treated as an internal matter that has been addressed. The team has a Twitter policy which it reviews with the players.

Ben Golliver at The Blazer s Edge wrote Tuesday that Hickson acknowledged some tweets could have been construed as offensive.

The tweets from the @Hickson21 Twitter account included; (Shout out) to all the strippers in the world, he wrote. I know society (give) y'all a bad reputation. It's good tho I don't judge. I definitely respect y'all hustle.

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