VANCOUVER - Vancouver native Bethany Storro is talking publicly for the first time about the day she splashed acid on her face, then blamed it on an unknown stranger.

Storro has written a book called Facing the Truth. She says she developed a psychological disorder that made her hate her appearance.

Eventually, she said, she decided to splash acid on her face then commit suicide. But during the act in August of 2010, she said the acid burned so badly she could not kill herself and instead called for help.

Police and the public responded. Generous donors contributed $28,000 to a special fund set up for Storro s recovery.

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She held a news conference soon after, wrapped in gauze and asked for helping finding the unknown attacker.

That moment, I felt like I was cared for, she said.

I made a mistake and I hope that people will forgive me and give me a chance, because I'm a good person, I promise I am, she told Good Morning America this week, while apologizing. I'm so sorry everybody, I really, truly am.

A judge sentenced Storro to mental health treatment, community service and restitution.

Her publicist said she s completed all that and is now offering her book as a way of spreading information about mental illness.

On Good Morning America she looked in a mirror and said, I'm still me. I'm still the same person, but better. You know? I'm getting better every day.

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