PORTLAND - A Gresham mom raising five children with frugal living believes most families could save hundreds of dollars each month on groceries.

As many as 10,000 visitors a day share in the savings on FrugalLivingNW

I list daily deals and the site walks you through how to use them, explained Angela Davis, the founder of the blog Frugal Living NW. We shop for prices lower than WinCo and Walmart, prices that are lower than the generic.

It's her number one rule for frugal living, know how to define a deal. Rule two can be seen in the well-stocked hall closet of the family's rental home.

Stock up until the next time it's on sale, said Anglea, as she showed off a box filled with toothpaste and toothbrushes.

Coupons from product manufacturers are the beginning of a good deal, but rule number three says they need to be paired with deals offered by individual stores.

People ask me all the time for the best store to shop at and truthfully, it's all of them because each one will have different savings to get you through the door, said Davis.

She also recommends paying with cash as rule number four and establishing a strict budget for number five.

If you are spending $1,200 a month, try making a commitment to spend $1,000 instead. Paying with cash will make you much more careful.

Angela's been tracking savings for about four years. She does earn a commission when readers purchase certain products and her site includes Google Ads.

It's more than just saving money. It's saving money that allows you to do other things for your family without going over the family budget, concluded Davis.

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