WASHOUGAL, Wash. -- A brazen crime over the weekend targeted a non-profit group committed to saving Northwest salmon.

Someone stole thousands of dollars worth of equipment used in river restoration projects from a storage unit belonging to the Lower Columbia River Fish Enhancement Group.

Every year, the group completes millions of dollars worth of restoration work.

It builds hundreds of log jams and plants thousands of trees, all to help preserve endangered fish in and around the Columbia River.

But over the weekend, thieves broke into the group s remote Washougal storage unit and took more than $11,000 worth of mainly donated tools and machinery.

Without that equipment, the group says it may have to postpone some important projects.

Hopefully detectives will find some of this equipment, said operations manager Tammy Weisman. Someone will take it to a pawn shop or maybe a steel plant to try and turn it in, but hopefully we'll be able to recover most of it.

The stolen equipment should be fairly easy to spot. Some pieces are sprayed with bright pink paint to make them more noticeable and all have the group s initials LCFEG engraved into them.

Clark County detectives were investigating.

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