VANCOUVER -- A 9-year-old Vancouver boy is set to become a YouTube sensation after composing and performing a rap song to help other kids feel good about themselves.

Austin Frazier has made his piano-teaching grandmother Colleen Tolva extremely proud.

I think that's a special gift, she told KGW. Most people can't do that; it takes a lot of coordination.

Austin's many musical talents are showcased in his new music video. I m the Man, shot by a family friend. Austin composed the song in just 20 minutes.

I just think of something I learned in church and I just start writing about it, he said. And then I finally turn it into a rap song and make it all rhyme.

His grandmother first held him on her lap years ago so he could play piano.

Probably about 4 or 5 he learned a song by Bach, by himself, she said. He's got fast, flexible fingers.

He has composed other rap songs, including one for Black History Month and one about what a blessing his mother is.


KGWReporter Cathy Marshall contributed to this report.

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