PORTLAND - Folks from all over are flocking to the backyard of a Northeast Portland home to catch a glimpse of a rare feathered guest called an ovenbird.

What makes this tiny bird so special?

For one, it's the first time an ovenbird has been spotted in Portland. It normally winters in Latin America.

But a couple months ago, the unique bird, which walks like a chicken instead of hopping like a bird, showed up in the backyard of Suzanne Hannam's home.

Ever since, it's been drawing bird lovers from all over to her home. She estimates more than 300 people have stopped in. Hannam has put up a note on her front door inviting the visitors to just go around back.

It s just the excitement of seeing something unusual, when it should be in South America and here it is right here in Portland and hanging around for so long ... that s the surprise, Hannam said.

Hannam doesn t know why the bird is in Portland or why it picked her yard to frequent. But an avid bird-watcher herself, she does make her yard bird-friendly.

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