PORTLAND - If you made a New year s resolution - and according to Statistic Brain 45 percent of us did - it s make or break time. By the end of February, close to half of people who made them have given up.

A Portland woman knows all about recharging a resolution.

Stephanie Baer did that a year ago this week and has lost more than 100 pounds since. Her strategy might help you whether you re trying to change your lifestyle or break a bad habit.

I was watching 'Biggest Loser' with my son and he looked at me and said, 'Mom look at what you ve become,' remembered Baer.

She made a pinky promise with her son to go to the gym for 28 straight days, because she knew it took at least that long to break a habit.

Stephanie hired a personal trainer at 24-Hour Fitness and also attended group exercise classes.

It s better to feed yourself with little accomplishments which will create momentum and help you get motivated, explained Providence Cardiologist Dr. James Beckerman.

Stephanie set goals to do handstand push ups and pull ups, both of which she achieved.

I would recommend making a monthly resolution and then find something you want to accomplish each day within that month, remarked fitness instructor Chris Anthony.

The gym community was also a big part of the resolution success story.

There s so much data that shows if you have good social support you will be healthier and feel more motivated, said Beckerman.

This is my Zen, it s my home and comfort zone, added Stephanie, who is now training to become a fitness instructor herself. I want to help others who are where I once was.

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