VANCOUVER - Geologists say an earthquake near Amboy, Washington happened along a previously unknown fault.

The3.7 magnitude earthquake struck at 5:03 p.m. Wednesdayabout two miles northeast of Amboy,Wash., 30 miles north of Vancouver.The quakewas at a depth of about 5 miles, according to the USGS.

Iheard two bangs and thought people were shooting stumps, said Paul Smith of Amboy. My computer screen, which is like a television screen, almost shook off the counter.

Workers at the Amboy Market thought a car hit the building.

Everything just started shaking, we didn t know what was going on. We thought a car hit the store and we heard a loud bang, said Miranda Rivenburg, who works at the Amboy Market.

It sounded more like a boom, added store manager Priscilla Mosby.

KGW viewers reported feeling the quake in areasthroughout SWWashington as well as south to Wilsonville and east to Welches in Oregon.

By earthquake standards, the event was not a really large one, noted PSUGeologist Scott Burns. The good news is, it reminds us this is earthquake country.

Ian Madin with the Oregon Dept. of Geology and Mineral Industries said the quake took place alonga previously undocumented fault. Madin said the quake was a good reminder of the importance of earthquake-proofing homes and having an emergency supply kit prepared and on hand.

On KGW's Facebook page, Amy Horn wrote that her whole 2nd-story apartment shook in the Vancouver Mall area.

Art Ashton in East Vancouver wrote that it felt like something hit the corner of the house. Just a quick bang and a few creaks. Not at all like other earthquakes I have felt.

Lisa Kamachi, who lives outside La Center, wrote that the quake shook her very sturdy house good; windows bowed out. At first it sounded like a logging truck had hit the house.

In Laurelwood, Mary DeWitt reported that she felt a small jolt and the house creaked a bit.

In Hockinson, Karen John wrote that some of the family heard a loud noise and thought a door slammed or a tree fell, until the rest of us said we also felt shaking!

Even though the quake was centered northeast of Vancouver, Washington, many in the Metro Portland area also felt the quake.

Thom Watson of Gresham wrote It seemed like someone ran through my apartment.

Jerrielou Dougherty of Damascus reported that our entire house was shaking!

Clark County dispatchers told KGW there were no reports of damage or injuries.

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