PORTLAND - At The Gun Broker store in Clackamas County, gun owners like Nicholas Holland are stocking up.

As long as my mortgage is paid, the next think I m doing is buying up whatever I can, he said.

He's one of many who worry that the government wants to disarm America.

Rick Decknadel, a hunter also shopping at the store, agrees.

I do as a matter of fact. And that s why I m sure all these gun sales are record sales going right now and I know supply and demand, prices are going up, Decknadel said.

It's been very busy yes, said The Gun Broker owner Roy Jackson.

It's hard to keep the store stocked. Many weapons are sold out.

Various kinds of ammunition in various calibers. Any type of AR or what people think the government might ban, said Royd.

Whatever the government could consider banning, Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller said he's not enforcing anything that messes with the second amendment.

We can t allow the actions of a very few, no matter how heinous those actions and how tragic, dictate and create legislation, laws and regulations that'll offend the constitutional rights of Americans that are honest and responsible, Sheriff Mueller said.

His comments, posted online, thrust him into tumultuous debate and gained him thousands of Facebook friends.

The gun debate is sure to continue, Oregon is home to many guns. The FBI data base on background checks suggests more than 1 million guns were sold in Oregon since 2007.

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