PORTLAND-- Conditions in the Gorge made roads treacherous for drivers after freezing rain and light snow moved into the area late Thursday and early Friday.

The weather improved slowly after a freezing rain advisory from the National Weather Service was lifted Friday morning.

Raw video: Friday morning Gorge driving conditions

KGW Meteorologist Nick Allard said most of the heavy moisture has wrapped up, but low-level drizzles in the area can still cause freezing rain. Drivers traveling near the Gorge and in the upper Hood River Valley should be cautious because any amount of freezing rain can cause dangerous ice on the road.

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The drizzle and mostly cloudy skies will slowly turn to partly sunny skies by the afternoon. Temperatures will be in the lower to middle-40s this afternoon, Allard said.

Photos: Freezing rain slams Columbia Gorge

In the western end of the Gorge, meteorologists were expecting about a tenth of an inch of ice, with some areas further east in the Gorge getting two tenths of an inch.

Raw: Icy Friday morning Columbia Gorge drive

Meantime, power was restored by Thursday morning for most of about 2,000 PGEcustomers who were without power Wednesday afternoon after several power lines were blown down. Some customers prepared themselves as soon as they heard the wind picking up early Wednesday morning.

We thought that the way the wind was blowing, that it could happen. So you just get all the candles out, you get your kerosene lamps out and make sure you've got wood on the porch, said Chuck Rollins, who was prepared when his home lost power. If it don't happen, it don't happen. But if it does, you are ready.

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Icy patches prompted a closure Wednesday morning of Jackson Parkway to Oregon Health Sciences University until sanding trucks could arrive.

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