PORTLAND Kristina Shevchenko said she doesn't blame the gunman who shot her at the Clackamas Town Center mall. She hasn't had nightmares about it either.

The 15-year-old is home with her family for the holidays after a frightening ordeal. She said it s their support that has given her strength.

People are sending me cards and emailing me saying they are praying for me. It really helps it's a big impact, she said.

The day of the shooting, Kristina and some friends had cut through the mall to catch a MAX train home. She remembers seeing a man dressed in black wearing a mask and carrying what she thought was a paintball gun.

When she was shot, Kristina said she felt a tremendous amount of pressure and pain.

It s hard to capture that one moment of when it happened, she said.

Kristina and her best friend eventually made it outside to a parking lot filled with police. The first officer they encountered didn't believe she had been shot until her friend showed the officer bullet holes in Kristina s sweater.

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Kristina's family got to the mall before she was taken to the hospital.

They said it's all going to be ok--going to be fine, she said.

Doctors at Oregon Health & Science University removed bullet fragments from her lung and liver. She came home from the hospital earlier this week.

She is alive. She s safe. Probably the biggest present ever for us for Christmas, said Kristina s father, Veniamim Shevchenko.

I know that god has eyes on us, He has angels on everybody's shoulders especially watching out for my family, Kristina said.

Kristina said she misses school and her classmates, and if she has her way, she'll be back to class right after the winter break. She also says she won't be afraid to make the short walk to the Clackamas Town Center.

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KGW reporter Art Edwards contributed to this report.

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