PORTLAND - A Multnomah County jury Monday awarded a Portland nightclub patron nearly $306,000 for a false arrest in 2010.

Officers detained Gallagher Smith outside the Aura nightclub in November, 2010 after a dispute about whether or not he could go back into the club after he left.

Attorney Jason Kafoury said the jury decided the City of Portland was liable for false arrest, battery, and malicious prosecution. He was awarded $290,000 in non-economic damages and $15,872 in economic damages for medical bills and counseling visits.

Raw scene video: Gallagher arrest (graphic language)

Attorneys claim police tased Smith, threw him against a wall and onto the pavement. Smith did go to an emergency room for some minor injuries. Smith said in court Monday that he questioned officers after they told him to move off the sidewalk and away from the club.

The city's attorney maintains police officers were trying to do their job and keep the situation under control.

Smith said he needed the money to pay his medical bills and also compensation for pain and suffering.

KGWReporterArt Edwards contributed to this report

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