PORTLAND -- A man reportedly cooking marijuana into hashish suffered burns to his upper body from an explosion that was powerful enough to take out the wall of a second story condominium.

The 7 p.m. explosion was at the Sylvan Heights condo complex at 7540 SW Barnes Road, said Sgt. Bob Ray of the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

Nicholas Broms, 22, was taken to the hospital with burns over the upper half of his body. His condition was not available. The injuries were not thought to be life-threatening.

Hashish is a derivative of marijuana that increases the drug's potency, Ray said. Broms had the legal right to the marijuana in his possession, Ray said.

He may have violated the law by allegedly changing its composition and using it in a manner which could have caused harm to himself or others, Ray said. Broms allegedly was using volatile chemicals that led to the blast.

No charges have been filed. The case remains under investigation.

Neighbors heard the explosion, followed by screams from Brom.

I was actually in the shower and just hanging up my towel and I hear this explosion and all I can think is that a car went off the side here, explained neighbor Jeffrey Harmon. Then I heard someone screaming for his life and I come out and see the apartment on fire.

The fire was put out by neighbor Taylor Brown before firefighters arrived. He said he used three fire extinguishers to douse the blaze.

Debris and furniture were blown out of the second floor condo unit. Shattered glass, personal belongings and furniture littered the parking lot below.

(Photo courtesy of Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue)

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