SALEM These days, more and more job-seekers are considered overqualified, which often makes applying for a job even tougher.

Employers admit they may pass over an applicant who is overqualified because they think they would not be able to afford to pay that person what they re worth. Or they worry they won t be able to keep them on staff very long.

Abe Klatt works for Robert Half International, which is a job recruiting and staffing company. I think the biggest fear is, they're not going to stay with the organization as additional opportunities come along, he said.

And he added, there are other hurdles, too.

How is this individual going to integrate into the organization when they may have more experience then some of the other folks? Klatt said.

Experts say a strong job candidate needs to realize that they should be transparent about all of these concerns and address them promptly.

For example, a candidate can stress the following attributes:

  • I can start the job right away, without major training needed.
  • I have the ability to take on more than the job requires. I m a self starter, motivated and won t need much supervision.
  • I have leadership skills, can share what I know with the rest of the staff.

Another important tip is to make each resume fit the specific job you are applying for,Klatt said, because you re bringing value to the organization that they might not get off your particular resume.

Some experts also recommend including only relevant experience on your resume and listing just the last 7 to 10 years of work experience.

If you're sending a cover letter that s two pages long, it's probably not going to get read, Klatt said.

He added that the key is to do what it takes to earn a face-to-face interview, which at least gets your foot in the door.

Then, stress your team work, express passion for the job and the company and convey a positive attitude. Overcome age-related issues with stories of working in fast-paced environments and show how you're keeping up with technology.

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