NEWBERG, Ore. -- The death of a beloved pet cat will likely lead to a change of policy at Animal Control in Newberg, Ore.

Phil and Joy White found out too late that their pet cat, William, had been captured by animal control. When they contacted the shelter, the beloved pet was already gone - euthanized.

The Whites were shocked to learn that William had only been in the custody of the shelter for about two hours when workers there decided to euthanize him. Animal Control then admitted to the Whites that they found a microchip in William, but not until after he was put down.

We loved William very much, he was like part of the family. Phil White said.

The Whites later talked with KGW Newschannel 8's consumer reporter Ed Teachout who covered their story and also questioned authorities about why it all happened so fast.

Newberg Animal Shelter Supervisor Jeff Kosmicki said, We didn't do anything wrong as far as what we did. It's unfortunate. This was a very special situation because the cat was so aggressive or diseased or injured by the way the cat was acting.

The Whites later created a Lost Pet website, hoping they could protect others from the anguish they went through. They also contacted authorities who are working to change the policy now.

The Newberg City Council will hear a proposal in its November 19 meeting for changes in policy and protocol and the additional purchase of equipment, which will prevent similar incidents from happening again and will improve the quality of service provided by the Newberg-Dundee Animal Control program, according to the city council action agenda summary.

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