PORTLAND -- Police Chief Mike Reese has produced a video that points out a series of recent violent incidents involving officers who were injured, praising their ongoing work and saying he stands behind them.

In the video that runs three-and-a-half minutes, Reese specifically mentions that officers may feel conflicted about how they respond to calls after a U.S. Department of Justice finding on police use of deadly force.

The report said police have improperly used deadly force while taking people with mental health issues into custody. The report also said the bureau has poor communication with the African-American community.

He told the officers to continue to use reasonable force to take people into custody as they strive to keep the community safe.

The incidents he cited included a person who attacked an officer during an arrest, tried to grab the arm of an officer and drive off, a violent man in a parking garage, a Molotov cocktail attack on a patrol car and the confrontation between police and Occupy Portland protesters during a recent march.

Chief Reese also recently shared a video with the media that was taken during the Nov. 3 confrontation with Occupy Portland protesters. That raw video shows several bicycle cops getting pushed by a ramming device.

Reese described that incident as a violent struggle that required the use of force by officers.

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