PORTLAND -- Portland's next mayor is Charlie Hales.

Hales had a 67 percent and Smith with 33 percent.

The race for Portland mayor has taken many twists and turns during campaigning, including delving deep into the pasts of candidates Charlie Hales and Jefferson Smith.

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Charlie Hales at his election party thanked his opponents and reiterated his promise to refocus the city on basic services.

Hales said he ran for mayor because he believes Portland needs to refocus on the basics of our children, our streets and our local economy.

Smith conceded the race shortly after 8 p.m.

In defeat, Smith said he took responsibility for mistakes he made during the campaign. The person that needs to continue to work on themselves is me - the mistakes were my mistakes. The two-time Oregon legislator told KGW he was exhausted from the campaign and wasn't sure what he'd do next.

Hales earned his degree in political theory from the University of Virginia. He moved to Portland where he went to work for the Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Portland. Hales then served on the Portland city council for 10 years.

Portland police and fire unions initially endorsed Smith but his campaign took a blow when they pulled that support. Smith had been under fire for a 1993 incident in which he was cited for hitting and injuring a woman at a college off-campus party in Eugene. He also took heat over a lengthy list of past driving infractions and suspensions.

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Jefferson Smith is from Portland and went to the University of Oregon. He also graduated from Harvard Law School. In 2008, Smith was elected to the Oregon House where he represented East Portland. He started and ran the nationally recognized Bus Project for a decade.

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