State elections officials said Tuesday a printing error allowed 4,000 King County voters to get 2012 election pamphlets with large sections missing.

Shane Hamlin, co-elections director from the Secretary of State s office, said the batch of erroneous pamphlets was limited to King County and that replacements had already been mailed out.

We ve had the printer, at his expense, print new pamphlets and ship to those four-thousand households, Hamlin said.

The pamphlets are distributed in bunches depending on what part of Washington the voter lives in. They contain information on candidates, their qualifications and stances on major issues.

Margie Moore, 74, said she depends on the pamphlets. She received one with portions on statewide offices missing.

I have a lot of tricks played on me by grandchildren, Moore said, But I didn t need tricks played on me by the State of Washington.

Moore contacted the Secretary of State s office, which responded with an emailed apology and two new pamphlets. She was able to cast her vote Monday.

I m happy now, she declared. I m a happy voter.

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