PORTLAND -- In a world where monsters really do exist, NBC's Grimm is stepping away from the fairy tales and digging deeper into the paranormal.

The spooky series aired a special Halloween episode where the usual creepy creatures get overshadowed by a haunting woman called, La Llorona. It s based on real-life folklore about a weeping woman who drowned her own children and then herself.

The Grimm cast and crew said the legend gave them goose bumps, but there was something during filming that scared them even more than the ghost story.

I was in the Columbia River for a lot of it, said actor David Giuntoli, who plays Detective Nick Burkhardt in the show. And they found a body, like 90 yards away from where we were shooting.

He said the real Portland police had to show up for that one.

The rest of their time on the Columbia River wasn t as frightening. Giuntoli said he braved the cold river temperatures during filming by wearing a wetsuit.

Some of his fellow actors sported Halloween costumes for the episode. Silas Weir-Mitchell s character, Monroe, goes all out for the holiday.

My front yard is pretty decked out, Weir-Mitchell said. You can probably imagine what might be in store for the kiddies.

With the costumes, make-up and the special effects, Grimm embraced the supernatural powers of Halloween night.

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