PORTLAND -- When it comes to the night of October 2, Leonard James recalls very little.

He dove through the door, said James. There were two people standing there and he reached through.

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Authorities said a passenger, later identified as 19-year-old AustinVanhagen, stabbed James, but not before injuring several others.

What a bunch of courageous people, said James. You have to hand it to those people.

Those people had come to James' defense. Detectives say Vanhagen was getting off the No. 33 bus when he yelled racial slurs at James, who is African American.

Once off the bus, authorities say, Vanhagen stabbed a passenger five times. Hethen got back on the bus and stabbed a second passenger five times and James once.

It's going to take more than a kid to scare me out of the seat, James said.

He pledged to return to work, but not quite yet. Although James was home from the hospital, he remained under the constant care of nurses.

Iobviously have to keep moving to keep my blood flowing, said James.

Vanhagen is charged with assault, unlawful use of a weapon, and intimidation. His trial was set for November.

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James feels sorry for the teen, and grateful for the passengers.

Thank you and Ilove you, he said.

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