PORTLAND - The Portland police and fire fighters' unions have pulled their endorsements of mayoral candidate Jefferson Smith.

A statement from the Portland Police Association Thursday said the union did not support either candidate.

Today the Portland Police Association and Portland Fire Fighters Association have withdrawn our endorsements of Portland Mayoral candidate Jefferson Smith, the statement from Officer Daryl Turner read. Our members count on us to make recommendations and, at this point in the campaign, we cannot make a strong recommendation for either candidate.

Smith has been under fire for a 1993 incident in which he was cited for hitting and injuring a woman at a college off-campus party in Eugene.

Background: Report: Jefferson Smith 'popped' woman

Smith agreed to serve community service and pay for the woman's medical treatment after she received stitches on her face from the incident.

The story was first reported by Willamette Week, a police report on the incident was later given to the Oregonian, after the woman disagreed with Smith's recent account of what happened that night.

Smith's campaign responded Thursday to the withdrawal of the unions' support:

Our commitment to necessary support and improvement to smart public safety remains unwavering. We deeply value the work our front-line city workers do and are grateful for the support they've given us. We're obviously disappointed to lose any support, but our strong base of grassroots support will remain our focus during the next 27 days.

I think what they have done speaks for itself, opponent Charlie Hales said. The Police and Fire Associations have seen what we ve all seen over the past few weeks and were disturbed enough about it to take some action.


KGWReporter PatDooris contributed to this report

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