ASTORIA, Ore. -- A locator app on a stolen phone led police Monday to a man who was already on probation and was in possession of drug paraphernalia, police said.

Police were called just after noon to the report of a stolen iPhone at a commercial building on Exchange Street, according to Brad Johnston of the Astoria Police Department.

The victim told police at the scene her Find My iPhone app was showing that the phone was at a nearby convenience store. Inside the store an officer called the phone and found it on 23-year-old Scott Simons of Oysterville, Washington.

Investigators said Simons had gone past the authorized personnel only signs in the victim's workplace and into her office, where he found the phone.

Simons also had a large amount of drug paraphernalia and heroin residue in his possession, Johnston said. He was already on probation for aggravated theft.

Simons was jailed on charges of theft, burglary and heroin possession.

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