CORVALLIS, Ore. -- Students at Oregon State University started their school year Monday, on a smoke-free campus.

A group of students started pushing for the ban about five years ago, when smoking was prohibited in buildings, but not on campus. Starting this year, people must move off of campus if they want to smoke.

OSUestimates that about 1,400 of its 30,000 students and staff members are smokers. Most of the students KGWspoke with Monday were content with the ban.

I had a grandfather who died from smoking, said Alex Carbaugh. So being able to walk around without smoke blowing in your face is something I really appreciate.

I don't like it because I'm a smoker, said senior Sinhyung Jung. I think it is an invasion of our freedom.

A spokeswoman said OSU has been educating staff and students about the change for the last year and a half. Officials will continue to educate first, before penalties are issued. But repeat offenders risk a $30 fine if they're caught lighting up.

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