PORTLAND -- For one Portland handyman, his work truck is a cargo bicycle and his business is booming.

Chris Sanderson said he s so busy he s hiring for extra help. On any given day, Sanderson hauls about 200 pounds of materials and tools, rain or shine, on a bicycle.

Sanderson said he used to drive a gas guzzling truck in San Francisco but gave that up when he moved to Portland five years ago.

He said he had a hard time finding work as a general contractor because he needed a work truck. He started doing side jobs for friends on his bike. Those side jobs soon turned into a full-time career.

Just last summer, he started his own company Builder by Bike where he runs his construction business on a bicycle with a trailer attached.

Sometimes I ve had contractors chase me down and say when gas goes to five bucks a gallon that s what I m going to do. It turns more heads than a Maserati, Sanderson said.

Sanderson said the biggest challenge is planning out exactly what s needed for the day. If the material gets too heavy to haul, it s delivered to the site.

Sanderson said he is so busy, he s planning to expand his business in the future.

I often said if I was lord God, master king of the universe, we would have a builder by bike in Southeast, Northeast, Northwest and Southwest and cover those quadrants, Sanderson said.

He s looking for a part-time handyman and contractor and perhaps a potential business partner. To apply,, subject line: Employment opportunity.

Sanderson said if you told him he d be doing this job five years ago, he d say you re crazy. But now he s having the time of his life.

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