With the iPhone 5 release just days away, fans will be undoubtedly be lining up to buy it everywhere, including here in the Portland Metro area.

A psychologist told KGW our phones aren t just phones any more. They're a big part of our everyday life. For some, having the latest and greatest means being the best.

The rumors were put to rest Wednesday. Apple revealed the details of its newest iPhone Wednesday and iPhone fans at the Apple Store in Bridgeport Village were ecstatic.

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I m pretty excited to try the new phone, it s obviously a way to get your hands on technology which is pretty fun and a new toy for the adults, said iPhone user Derek Schuell.

We came to see the iPhone 5 and see what it s all about, I have the iPhone 4 right now, said Linda Brown, another iPhone user.

Linda Brown doesn t plan to camp out for the phone, but many others will. What is it that drives that need?

It s a way of saying, 'I m the best, I m the greatest, I m fantastic.' It s part of one s self esteem, Psychologist Kevin McGovern said.

McGovern explains that desire to have the latest and greatest.

I think especially techies, if we can use that term, are very involved in wanting those technologies, it's showing they re on top of the game, they re on the cutting edge, McGovern said.

And customers who spoke with KGWagreed.

I think that goes back to our insatiable desires as consumers at this point, it s the latest, greatest toy, really, Schuell said.

It s the new gadget, it's being the first one that owns the phone, to be able to play around with it and see what it offers, and be able to show it off to your friends and families, Brown said.

At least until the next iPhone comes out.

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