YACOLT, Wash. A unique new library in the small town of Yacolt, Wash. may really help readers feel locked into their favorite books.

The library is inside a century-old building that has jail cells.

It s actually the former jail and town hall building, constructed in 1908 but left vacant for the past few years.

Now, the city is not only finding a use for the unique building, but this is the first time they ve had a library in town.

Residents used to have to check out books from a bookmobile that traveled through town, or drive 15 miles away to the library in Battle Ground.

When we heard that this was empty and that the town might be interested in working with us, we started that conversation and got the ball rolling, said Sam Wallin, Rural Services Coordinator.

Studies conducted in the region showed that people living in the Yacolt area tend to be heavy library users, so the town has been searching a long time for the perfect spot to open a library.

(KGWreporter Erica Heartquist contributed to this report.)

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