PORTLAND - Three brothers born this week at Portland s Randall Children Hospital came from a single egg.

How rare is that? The Hospital says the data really varies.

One report puts it at one in 60,000 pregnancies while another says it s more unusual at one in 500,000.

Liam, Bradley and Eli Beasly arrived more than three months before their due date.

It s one day at a time. You don t know what to expect but right now everything is good, said their smiling Mom Jessica.

We re watching their breathing and making sure that their airways stay open, explained NICU nurse Larissa Raze.

The Beasly triplets have two siblings, 2-year-old Zachary and 4-year-old Sophia.

Our daughter had asked Santa for more kids and then told us we would have 5. We didn t believe her but now we do have 5, said Jessica with a laugh.

She can t hold her three youngest yet. Their preemie cribs create a womb like atmosphere with heat and humidity and are only opened for check ups and diaper changes every four hours.

I have gotten to take their temperature and change a few diapers, said Jessica.

The triplets will spend 6 to 12 weeks at Randall Children s Hospital. Then Jessica and her husband Eric are ready to raise 5 children under the age of 5.

It will be a challenge . . . but it s also a special blessing.

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