PORTLAND -- It's time for your job interview. You know what to do, but what about what not to do?

There are certain don'ts that you should also remember, advised Gwen Butler, legal recruiter for Boly Welch.

Butler said one common mistake that job candidates make is forgetting to update their references and reminding them that they're back in the job market.

The worst thing is if I ask (a job candidate) what I would hear if I contacted their references, and they say, 'I'm really not sure.' You don't want to be stooped like that, she said.

During the interview, Butler said a job candidate should never bad mouth their former company, even if they didn't have a good experience there.

It may not have been the right fit, she said, But (a potential employer) is listening for how have you learned from your experiences, how are you a better candidate because of a valuable lesson you learned.

Which brings us to Butler s third suggestion: Don't have a bad attitude.

They're watching how you deal with stress and setbacks, because you ll have them in any position, said Butler. I was always told to hire happy people.

And finally, if the hiring agent asked you not to follow up after the interview, Butler said, don't call.

They will be in touch with you if they're interested, said Butler, noting one exception: I do feel that it's a nice courtesy to follow up with a thank you, either by e-mail, a hand-written note, or both, she said.

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