BEAVERTON - Beaverton Police say they put several illegal moving operations out of commission through hefty fines and at least one arrest.

Four out of the five vehicles that did show up were put out of service for vehicle issues that made it not safe after the inspection, police spokesperson Mike Rowe said.

Officers set up a home in Beaverton where they made phone calls to five moving companies advertising through Craigslist.

We knew ahead of time they were not licensed through state records, said Rowe. One driver was suspended, another did not have an Oregon drivers license and one of the ones that was most concerning for me is one of the drivers was in possession of methamphetamine.

DMV officials say they don t keep record of moving company complaints because the business is so competitive that many times moving companies are making complaints against their competition.

If they're not properly licensed through the state, it's really hard for a consumers recourse if items are lost damaged or say if your house is damaged, because they probably don't have the right coverage or bond to cover that and then you're out (money) Rowe said.

Tips for homeowners to protect themselves when hiring a moving company log on to and click on the newslinks.

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