PORTLAND - Reading, writing and now energy efficiency.

A recently developed curriculum called LivingWise is hitting Oregon elementary schools.

Energy Trust of Oregon is working with schools across the state to show youngsters how they can help their families save energy and money through hands-on experiments.

Sixth graders at Holcomb Elementary School in Oregon City Thursday got a lesson in CFL vs. incandescent light bulbs.

In this experiment, the kids measured the heat output of both light bulbs to see just how much excess energy the typical incandescent puts out.

They then calculated the cost savings of using the newer CFLs.

It s pretty surprising how difference the heat is ... the incandescent lights put of a lot more energy and heat, said 6th grader Daniel Koske.

It's a lesson Energy Trust hopes the youngsters will take home and teach their families.

Each child is given their own energy-saving kit to take home andare encourageddo their own energy audits.

It s definitely cool. It s really great seeing these kids learn about energy and get excited about helping their families and energy at home, said Rachael Brown of Energy Trust of Oregon.

Since the program began in 2008, more than a 100,000 students in over 600 schools have taken the conservation class.

Energy Trust estimates, last year alone, those students saved their families more than$1 million on energy bills.

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