PORTLAND -- Mayor Sam Adams said he will not re-hire former Portland policeman Ronald Frashour, even after the recent ruling by a state arbitrator that he should be allowed to return to work in the wake of a 2010 deadly police shooting.

The police union quickly denounced the move.

Frashour shot and killed the unarmed Aaron Campbell in Northeast Portland in January, 2010. Frashour was later fired; the city said he didn't follow protocol on the use of deadly force.

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Early this month, the state arbitrator ruled that Frashour had followed the rules and should not only be allowed to return to the police force, but he should also get back wages.

On Thursday, Mayor Adams released a statement that said police officers must be held accountable if they fail to follow bureau policies.

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One such policy is Portland s procedures for the acceptable use of deadly force ... Our policy and training requires Portland police officers to use restraint when we receive a call to check on a person s well being, as was the case with Aaron Campbell. I believe Frashour violated our policy and training protocols regarding allowed use of deadly force.

I respectfully disagree with the Mayor s decision to appeal, chief Mike Reese said Thursday. Though I was disappointed and disagreed with the arbitrator s ruling, I respect the binding arbitration process. I have spoken to Mayor Adams and he understands my position; reasonable people can disagree on difficult issues such as this.

The mayor went on to explain that under Oregon law 243.706(1) the city has sufficient legal grounds to challenge the reinstatement of officer Frashour and as police commissioner, he has decided not to follow the arbitrator's ruling.

Based on the City Attorney s opinion, I will not implement the arbitrator s decision. If the Portland Police Association challenges my action, I will request that the ERB expedite their decision-making process on this matter, Adams said.

The Portland Police Association quickly responded, issuing a statement of their own.

President Daryl Turner said they will challenge the major's decision and accused Adams of putting his own political agenda ahead of the truth-seeking process that is at the heart of the arbitration process.

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