PORTLAND -- Pro football player and Grant High graduate Ndamukong Suh was cited for speeding in Portland Thursday afternoon.

Suh was pulled over around 2 p.m. when an officer clocked him going over the speed limit between the 33rd Avenue and Lloyd Center exits on Interstate 84, according to Lt. Robert King of the Portland Police Bureau.

King said Suh was driving a 2007 BMW 91 mph in a 55 mph zone. He was ticketed for speeding, an improper lane change and driving without proof of insurance. The combined fine for the three offenses is $955.

King said. Suh cooperated with police. He was cited and released.

Suh had been involved in a crash in Portland in December, 2011. He was at the wheel when his car crashed into a tree at the intersection of SW3rd Avenue and W Burnside Street.

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Witness and victim accounts of the crash differed from the version Suh gave police. Suh said he was trying to avoid a stopped taxi and lost control. He was not cited in that incident.

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