CHARLOTTE, N.C. Donald Trump was in town Wednesday to meet with a large crowd of residents at The Point Lake and Golf Club in Mooresville. Trump is offering to buy the country club for an estimated $7.1 million.

NewsChannel 36 reporter Dianne Gallagher had a scheduled interview with Trump after the presentation at The Point. The meeting was closed to the media.

While Dianne was standing outside of the club, Trump pulled up in a black Cadillac Escalade. He rolled down the window and was sitting in the front passenger seat. Trump offered NewsChannel 36 an exclusive interview on his private Boeing 747 that was parked at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

You want to see the plane, Trump told Dianne.

Trump's plane seats nearly 50 people after he renovated the inside. Some of the features on the plane include: two bathrooms with 24 karat gold sinks, a boardroom, a 60-inch flat screen TV and 24 karat gold accents throughout the plane.

Trump bought the plane from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen last year.

Trump said his pilot, who's been with him since 1987, flies the plane 200-plus days a year. On Wednesday, Trump flew from New York to Miami and then to Charlotte. Traveling with him was his son Eric.

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