Miah Washburn is excited about tonight s episode of Grimm.

He s in it.

It s pretty big, Washburn said. Well it s pretty big for me.

He doesn t actually have a speaking role, but he s the main monster in the show and you'll see the good guys chasing him throughout the episode.

Everyone was helpful, friendly, happy, he said.

Washburn is thrilled to be part of tonight's show. He's also happy to be back in America to see it.

Three nights ago Washburn returned from Thailand, where he performed not as an actor but as a real soldier. Washburn s a Sergeant with the Oregon National Guard 2-162nd Delta Company.

Thailand was hot and humid, Washburn said. It was combined arms, live fire exercise. We had everything, from F-15's dropping bombs...

Washburn joined the Marines out of high school to get money for acting school. He liked the military so much he later joined the Oregon National Guard. He served for two tours of duty in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.

It made him sensitive to the struggles of soldiers returning from overseas tours. He launched this website and a company that draws soldiers into the arts and trains them to express themselves. It helps connect them back to the community.

You do have a place, he said. People want to hear what you have to say, people are interested in your story and even though you're gonna carry that around the rest of your life, your community isn t going to shun you for it.

His exposure to Grimm executives helped Washburn get military members spots on Grimm as extras. He hopes tonight's exposure as Grimm s monster helps grow not only his career, but also his company and its ability to help other soldiers.

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