PORTLAND -- Portland police have recovered a stolen car that was easy to spot -- done up as a Wonder Woman cruiser.

The car was stolen Monday in Southeast Portland and spotted Thursday evening, minutes after an exclusive 11 p.m. KGW report on the story.

Who would be dumb enough to steal it, wondered owner Rachel Maccabee.

I can only imagine they were either intoxicated and didn't see the car, she told KGW before the car was found, or they are a huge superhero fan like I am.

Maccabee didn't have Wonder Woman's invisible plane to help her find the car. But she did file a stolen car report with the Portland police.

I guess some would theorize, said Sgt. Pete Simpson, that somebody from the Hall of Doom is trying to steal Wonder Woman's 'lasso of truth' or bullet proof bracelets out of it. Certainly, somebody will see this car in the community.

Maccabee really needs the car. She recently moved from Minnesota and lives temporarily with a friend. The car had a number of personal belongings. She drove the car to a part-time job.

I'm an unemployed, ill, pregnant woman. Please give me my car back.

The only thing missing when the car was found was an iPod charger.

There's just some lines you don't cross, Simpson said. You don't steal a superhero's car.

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