ALBANY, Ore. -- Firefighters on Thursday recovered the body of a toddler and his mother who were in a car that had been swept away the night before, when flood waters rushed into an Albany grocery store parking lot.

The body of 20-month-old Aiden McLaughlin was recovered from Periwinkle Creek Thursday morning. The body of his mother, Catherine McLaughlin, was found several hours later.

Another child, Maliki Wilgus, 5, and his father, Christopher Wilgus, 24, were rescued Wednesday night, according to fire department spokeswoman Wanda Omdahl.

The child was taken to Oregon Health & Science University Hospital in critical condition. The father was taken to Albany General Hospital. His condition was not available.

Omdahl said Periwinkle Creek flooded from Wednesday's heavy rain and took the car from the parking lot of Mega Foods about 7 p.m.

Zach Williams tried to help, but said the water came rushing in.

We were trying to get people out and at that point, the driver had gotten out and then dove back in for his family, Williams told KGW.

The 9-1-1 call first came in as a traffic accident. Responding crews found that a car had been swept into the creek, then a culvert where the creek runs under the Queen and Gary Street intersection. When emergency responders arrived, they spotted the dad and 5-year-old and pulled them from the water.

Divers made a preliminary search for the other two, but the high water made anything but surface searches too dangerous. After two hours, the rescue was turned into a recovery effort, Omdahl said.

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