PORTLAND -- Portland police chief Michael Reese said the tactics to move protesters out of the Occupy Portland encampments will be deliberate and methodical but he would not elaborate further.

For more insight, KGW spoke to retired police officer Mike Davis for some perspective on what might be included in the tactical plan.

Davis worked as a patrol officer with the Portland Police Bureau for 30 years. He said in this type of mission, the commanders have already been collecting intelligence about the camps to be used in the formulating of a clear plan.

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They'll prepare for the worst and expect the best. If the protesters leave as ordered, then there is no incident, said Davis.

He said the tactical commanders will have a specific plan on how to remove people from the camps and what to do if they don't comply.

There are going to be those that'll have their cement canisters like at Terry Schrunk Plaza and bicycle locks chained together to make it difficult for us, he said. It's been done before. They've been doing that for twenty five years. It slows us down a little bit, but mostly because we don't want to hurt them.

Davis said hopefully the removal will be peaceful, like the recent arrests at Terry Schrunk Plaza, Jamison Square and on Main Street before that.

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Past history of protesters showed that not everyone is going to leave when asked to do so. There's going to be some that are going to stick around and we'll have to forcibly remove them, said Davis.

The protesters seemed to be formulating a plan, too. They held a General Assembly meeting Thursday afternoon and planned another one for the evening, after splitting into committees.

A Thursday Craigslist posting claimed Occupy Portland needed body-sized plywood suitable for making shields against rubber bullets.

When asked about his reaction to the Craigslist Posting, Davis said, They have a lot of time to think about plans. And they tap resources too with the Internet such as it is, to find out what's worked in other cities.

We will get them out, but it's just a matter of how much effort we're going to have to exude and whether or not anybody gets hurt, he added.

Reese and Mayor Sam Adams set a deadline for Saturday at midnight for all the protesters to leave the camps on their own. If not, Reese said officers would begin enforcing the rules of the parks and protesters may be arrested.

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