SALEM Police said they captured a naked man in a Filbert orchard early Thursday, after several 9-1-1 reports of public indecency.

The callers said the man was on Duck Inn Road, south of Gervais, and then he ran into an adjacent orchard.

They said he was touching himself as people drove by.

A K-9 team tracked the suspect into the orchard where he had climbed into a tree wearing only tennis shoes, according to Don Thomson with the Marion County Sheriff s Office.

Stephen James Ellingsworth, 28, of Silverton, who also goes by the last name Frolov, was taken into custody and provided a warm blanket because of the early morning 30-degree temperatures, Thomson said.

Investigators said Frolov told him that he had been out drinking with friends the night before and didn't know how he got to Duck Inn Road.

He was booked into the Marion County Jail on three counts of public indecency and bail was set at $15,000

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