HILLSBORO - Oregon is quickly becoming the data center capital of the country. Google and Facebook are here, so is Amazon.

In all, three new centers are planned for Hillsboro. Ground was broken Friday for the newest facility for California-based Net App. The company represents some of the biggest Internet companies including Yahoo, Apple, YouTube.

The new center is being built in Hillsboro's industrial area on 5.1 acres.

It's between $50 million and $100 million. It's a big investment here, said Keith Dines, Vice President of Development for Digital Trust, the company building the facility.

Weather is one major consideration for Digital Realty Trust, coming to Oregon.

You know how cold it is right now, this is perfect for computers. So we can cool the computers without turning on compressors or chillers and it's very energy efficient. It's very affordable, it's sustainable and it's green, said Dines.

It will take 100 construction workers to build the facility and another 15-20 high-tech permanent jobs when its finished next summer.

It and other data centers in Hillsboro are in the city's enterprise zone. They get a property tax break on equipment for a few years.

So what the benefit is to the company, is they can invest in incredible technology that's fairly expensive and they need to continually invest in it so it helps there bottom line a little bit more, said Sarah Garrison, Economic Development Manager.

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