PORTLAND Police estimated Thursday the City of Portland's overtime for security and traffic control around the encampments in two downtown park squares had cost about $186,400 so far, Lt.Robert King said.

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Portland mayor's office spokeswoman Amy Ruiz said the city was evaluating the protest daily, and did not say what would motivate the city to forcibly evict the protestors from the encampments.

Members of the Oregon labor unions gathered at Director Park in Southwest Portland Wednesday to support of the Occupy movement.

Hundreds marched during the evening commute from Directors Park to Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Protestor Avery Roper saids protestors were catching cabin fever as they braced for the coming cold weather. Roper said protestors were on edge.

A statement from Occupy Portland members said Wednesday s march was an effort to engage the city and the media in their mission.

American citizens have been forced into the streets in reaction to the outrageous influence of corporate money throughout our political system, local, state and federal and the failure of our policy-makers to hold it in check, the statement read. We urge our local media to engage with the leaders of thought in both the unions as well as the various elements of Occupy Portland in order to begin a real dialog throughout our state concerning how Oregon itself has been deeply injured by Wall Street and Corporate America.

The activists settled into Chapman and Lownsdale Square parks after their initial march earlier this month. Organizers estimated as many as 500 people were living there.

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