PORTLAND -- A dog got loose on I-84 westbound near 82nd Avenue just before 4:30 p.m. Monday, causing chaos along the roadway during the early evening commute.

Mango the Pomeranian's wild run in and out of freeway traffic caused major delays between the 82nd and 67th Ave exits in both directions.

Several drivers and a police officer attempted to catch Mango, unsuccessfully. All the action was visible live on a pair of ODOTcameras and from the Sky 8 helicopter as well.

Sky-8 video:Dog loose on I-84 in Portland

Photos: Dog runs loose on I-84

Motorists even gave the dog's owner, Don Dowdy, a series of rides down the freeway as he chased after Mango.

I had a lot of people stopped on the freeway, picked me took me a distance, Dowdy said, So many cool people on the highway.

At one point on the Sky 8 video, Dowdy can be seen on I-84 trying to capture Mango with a blanket, matador-style, and ends up sprawled on the pavement with the dog still racing eastbound.

She wasn't going to nobody, Dowdy said, We had to stop chasing her, go pick up my wife, bring her here, cause she was going nowhere without her.

Mango's amazing run started near the Gateway Transit Center. She first ran west, then east, then west again on I-84. Motorists eastbound had slowed to a crawl. A woman in a lead car was frantically on the phone with 9-1-1 describing the pursuit and the commuter chaos.

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Mango finally ran off the freeway after about 15 minutes, barely missing cars, and ran into a neighborhood. Then, around 5 p.m. the dog was captured near Madison HighSchool and was reunited with Don and Linda Dowdy.

I figured with her, she would be squished or somebody else would pick her up, Linda said.

Turns out Don was trying to surprise Linda by bringing the dog to pick up Linda from her first day of classes. While on the way, Mango slipped her collar and bolted.

I'm going back to school and today was my first day, Linda said, and I didn't take her with me, so she was hunting for me,

A truly happy ending right? Not yet for Don Dowdy.

I'm not home with (Linda) yet, Don said, I'm in trouble . . . I'm in trouble.

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