PUYALLUP, Wash. -- The father-in-law of a missing Utah woman pleaded not guilty Friday to charges of voyeurism and child pornography.

Police found thousands of photos and videotaped images at Steven Powell's home during a raid on August 25. Some of the video images were of Susan Powell and girls as young as 8 years old.

The raid was part of the investigation into Susan Powell's disappearance.

Powell's husband, Josh Powell, was the only person of interest in the case, but had never been charged. Powell lives with his father in Puyallup, WA. That's where authorities arrested 61-year-old Steven Powell Thursday night. He was scheduled to be arraigned in court Friday afternoon.

Police said Powell's arrest was not related to his daughter-in-law's case. Susan Powell was reported missing from her Utah home December 7, 2009. Since then, her two sons had been living with their father, Josh Powell and grandfather, Steven. But after Steven Powell's arrest, the boys were placed in foster care.

Powell's estranged daughter, Jennifer Graves, said she'd known about her father's pornography addiction for years, and had chosen to keep her kids away from him. She said she was actually relieved to hear of her father's arrest.

I just started crying, I was just happy to hear the boys were out of the house, said Graves. I've been concerned about them for a while, I know my dad's character, she said.

During the raid on Powell's home, investigators are believed to have been looking for Susan Powell's personal journals, which Steven and Joshua Powell had threatened to publish. During another court hearing Friday, a judge ordered those journals not be published, and that any journals that had already been published, be returned or destroyed.

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